About the blog

This blog presents international life at DTU from our students' perspectives. Through personal experiences from international students, you will be getting the inside scoop about studying and living in Denmark and DTU. Read more.

Back after 12 years

"My philosophy professor told us: "How can you have a world view if you haven't viewed the world". Because of her worlds, I came to Denmark and to DTU". Read more

From Italy to Greenland

"When I first saw the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering on the DTU website, I understood that I had to apply for it." Read more.
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DTU RailTech: a high-speed way into the Danish labour market

"My responsibilities are to coordinate all test activities before opening the line and to obtain the necessary approvals from the different authorities. It is a very challenging job but I really enjoy it, because the learning possibilities are infinite". Read more.

Why I Chose DTU

"My advice to potential or accepted students is to not only apply, but be persistent and get yourself involved! Even if it means stepping outside the comfort zone". Read more.

Bikes.Bikes everywhere

"My host lady lent me a bike. I thought, omg! 10km on bike?! Is she crazy? It is going to rain!" Read more.

Roskilde Festival: a celebration of the Danish "hygge"

"For me it takes the whole experience of being an international student up another level when working for an engineering solution that could also complement my desire for learning and understanding more about Denmark and the Danish culture." Read more.

Green Challenge - a giant party of innovative ideas

"Each project is a member of the orchestra, each plays a part. The winners are the solo pieces. But missing any member, the concert wouldn’t have been the same. We are all important, we are all winners." Read more.

My encounter with Denmark

"My friends, family, acquaintances, ex-colleagues have since asked me what Denmark is like, what my experience has been and to sum it up in two simple words, I would say it has been simply fantastic!" Read more.

What it is like to study at DTU

"In many other education systems you barely know your lecturer’s name and they certainly have no idea who you are. In DTU your lecturer may be your greatest asset in finding a job, choosing your thesis or advising you on special courses". Read more.

Aquatic Science and Technology: This is also Engineering

"Even with my short experience, I realized how important it is in biology – probably in any field – to have also technical knowledge and understanding. All my fellow students can tell very similar stories on how marine and freshwater science get mixed with engineering." Read more.

From Brazil to Denmark

"Coming from Brazil and being used to have very limited opportunities, I was overwhelmed when I started my MSc in Design and Innovation at DTU with the amount of possibilities to grow in my career and to learn new things". Read more.

Group work: a way to prepare for the real world

"Although it seemed daunting at first, group work is another thing that makes DTU really special". Read more.

My experience at Tsinghua University

"DTU students are lucky to be able to go on exchange semesters all over the world in many interesting cities and universities (...) I went to Beijing to study at Tsinghua University - the top ranked Chinese mainland university and one of the best universities in the world" Read more.